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5 FREE Photo Editors

If you are a digital marketer then, you have used photos and icons while creating content. Research has it that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

Also, social media content with images has more engagement than text-only posts as stated in the Journal of Marketing Research "Is Picture Worth a Thousand Words".

Be it Social Media Marketing, Blogging, or any other form of Digital Marketing, you definitely need images. When dealing with images there is always a need for editing or photoshopping as per the requirement. This blog mentions 5 such tools which are available online and are free to access for enhancing the images to suit your marketing needs.


Do you have photos with unwanted figures? This tool is the right fit for erasing them and attaining the right image you want. When you download photos from subscription-based websites that come with watermarks, this tool comes in very handy.

Remove. Bg

If you want to have more sophisticated backgrounds for your photos, then this tool comes in very handy.


An All in One photo editor that includes a collage maker and a graphic designing tool. While most basic features come with the free version, one has to upgrade for accessing more advanced options.


Another All-in-one photo editor, which is mostly recommended by photographers and advertisers from across industries. It also provides an IOS mobile editor along with integration to social media platforms.

Courtesy :


All-in-one photo editor, that provides collaborative editing but lacks social media integration.


It is a more advanced editor generally used by professionals working with vector and bitmap graphics, creating designs, and RAW editor. It also supports file formats like PSD, XCF, Sketch, XD and CDR formats (Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Sketch App, Adobe XD, CorelDRAW). It is also powered by AI(Artificial Intelligence).

For other professional users Canva, Adobe PhotoExpress, and Google Photos are also an option. The above tools are easy to use and are online. The free version of these is sufficient for small-time entrepreneurs and digital marketers. If needed one can anytime switch to an upgraded version which is reasonable. I have been using most of these online tools for my blogging and marketing activities.

For more information on digital marketing don't forget to check out my other blog articles on Digital Marketing.

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1 Comment

I liked Pixlr for its interface and convenience. Could you make a tutorial video on how to edit photos correctly in this program? If you don't know how to record a video from the screen, then click here to read more information about it.

I'm looking forward to your video review to start editing photos myself!


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