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5 FREE Keyword Tools

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

We have discussed a lot on the importance of keywords, right from the types of keywords to how to use the golden keyword ratio for ranking higher in Google SERP. If you are working on SEO then keyword analysis is the start point of all optimization. Having Researched the "Keyword Tools" I will talk about how each of these tools can help in keyword analysis.

27 Free Marketing Tools
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Google Trends

This was launched in 2006 and provides data about searches trending on Google and Youtube. It allows identifying those keywords that get popular with time or become unpopular. Data visualization of past search records can let the user analyze trends over years and identify seasonal keywords. One can identify new keywords along with regional keywords.

Keywords Everywhere

It is a freemium tool that is known to work on 15+ websites including Google, Youtube, Amazon, eBay, Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo, Bing, and others. User is required to add the extension to their Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and validate the API key. It provides free data about monthly search volume, CPC, Competition, and monthly trend data for Google and Youtube.

Answer The Public

Its free trial consists of three basic searches per day after which you may need to upgrade. It is backed by Ubersuggest which is owned by Neil Patel. It is an autocomplete for search engines. You will get questions related to seed keywords, alphabetical keywords, related searches, and much more.

LSI Graph

As the name suggests it returns Latent Semantic Index keywords, which are keywords that may be semantically related, for instance, a bank may mean a financial body or a riverside. This tool helps researchers identify all possible related keywords. They have introduced a semantic writer which can review your content and identify the semantic keywords possibly relating to the context.

Keyword Sheeter

It is a freemium tool that provides long-tail keywords for the seed keyword you are researching for. Its runs bulk search and you can stop the job anytime before the search completes. It proves a very useful tool in ranking your website higher in Google search results.

After understanding what each tool is capable of, let us see how we can make use of it in our marketing journey. As you have noticed in each of the images displayed we have researched the keyword "Keyword Tools". While Keyword Sheeter gives all possible related long-tail keywords, Keywords Everywhere provides the popular topics and videos around these keywords. LSI Graph not only gives the sematic-related keyword graph but also provides the competition and CPC rates for these keywords. While AnswerThePublic provides all related questions and comparisons along with alphabetically ordered keywords Google Trends provides the ongoing trend on the current and past data for these keywords. All in all these tools can be collaboratively used alongside one another to make the most out of them to rank your website higher on google search results.

Two more popular keyword research tools WordStream and Keyword IO have been discussed at length in the article on SEO Tools. For more content related to digital marketing and search engine optimization, don't forget to check other blog articles.

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27 Free Marketing Tools

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