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9 Future Trends of Digital Marketing

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

As of 2021, every other person has a vested interest in digital marketing as their field of work.

With so many digital marketers blooming every day it may be uncertain that all these marketers can make it with such high competition. So the question arises will digital marketing be still relevant in the future.

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The answer is YES. There is no doubt that digital marketing is only going to grow in the future, the reason being with all platforms and businesses going digital the need for new channels of digital marketing is going to increase.

Let us shed some light on what trends will prevail going forward :

Email Marketing

Most marketers believe email marketing is still relevant in 2022 and it is quite evident from the Statista report which claims the count of users using email as a medium would reach 4 billion by end of 2022. This means more targeted and micro-segmented emails are going to prevail in the coming years.

Video Marketing

Videos are dominating the digital world. As per Statista, video ad spending is going to cross $9 billion by 2024. Another report by Wyzowl, says 86% of marketers prefer video as a tool which allows us to claim that video marketing is only going to grow. New apps and devices being launched in the market make video shooting way easier than yesteryear making video marketing a lot more fun. Also, the impressive ROI figures make it the most coveted marketing tool.

Voice Search

As per Statista's report, the number of digital voice assistants worldwide is going to increase to 8 billion by 2024. Voice search is being used for finding directions, knowing the latest movies in theatres, searching products online, and many more things. Though terms like "Hello Siri", "OK Google" or "Alexa" are common, the newer versions don't need these phrases to make conversations, Thanks to Artificial Intelligence. This means your content must rank on the top for related keywords for voice search categories.


Just like when receiving a gift one would expect it customized, similarly, when receiving digital information there is a lot of stress on a personalized message, be it an interface, a product, an email, an advertisement, or any other form of message. It gives the user a feel of belonging and can increase engagement and conversion rates. Generally, digital mediums use rule-based or algorithm-based or a mix of both personalizations for a better user experience.


Online shopping has evolved since its start in 1994. According to Insider Intelligence forecast US retail e-commerce will reach $1.06 trillion in 2022 which accounts for nearly 16.1% growth, while worldwide sales are expected to cross $6 trillion by 2024. This means online purchases will only increase in the coming years and the demand for eCommerce SEO specialists will proportionally increase along the way.


Technically omnichannel refers to the presence of a brand or service both offline and online channels, with respect to digital marketing, omnichannel refers to presence across all platforms be it website, social media, and other digital platforms. Just to match the phrase write once and publish everywhere. Google does not penalize content that is published on different platforms provided the canonical link reference is known to the crawler.

Brand Advocacy

Brand Awareness is key to sales growth. When your customers or users promote your brand it translates into brand advocacy. Influencers may also play a prominent role in promoting your brand. The bigger the brand the higher is your ranking on search engines.


Is a software program that converses like a human and has brought in a revolution in the customer service industry. Powered by AI, these programs can respond to user queries and can even provide solutions. There are various platforms that have introduced integration with chatbots like Facebook and Telegram. Even social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube also provide such integration. If you plan to make your brand available and be there for your customer then you must think of a chatbot as an option.


If you are a marketer, you would know the importance of storytelling. Digital files creating an audio or video series on a topic called podcasts have been the norm off-late. People find an instant connection with this content. As a brand promoter, you would not want to stay behind and not leverage the power podcasts can have on your marketing campaign. As per Buzzsprout, with an overall download being around 90 million per month, Apple and Spotify are the top-ranking apps for podcasts and the United States stands first in podcast listeners.

With these trends making rounds this year, you may choose to make use of them in your campaign strategy and continue to generate the desired revenue.

For more content on digital marketing, please visit my blog.

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