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5 Free Rank Checker Tools

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

After discussing important metrics like Page Authority, Page Rank, Domain Authority, SERP, and others in our previous blogs, it is time to know which free tools are available for checking these metric values.

In this article, we will name the 5 best free rank checker tools along with a few others as a bonus. Page Rank is an algorithm used by Google in its early years which then got updated to meet the new age demands and to avoid Black Hat SEO interventions in manipulating the Page Rank. Google Toolbar was the first of its kind Page Rank checker tool provided by Google which got discontinued around the year 2016. The advanced Page Ranking algorithm used currently by Google is termed RankBrain which is built around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

This site provides an online SEO analysis of a webpage or a website. It can perform On-page and Off-page analytics. It also provides Domain Authority Checker, Traffic Checker, Domain age Checker, and many other useful metric checking tools.

This is a Chrome extension that provides insights into the Google Index, Bing Index, Alexa Rank, and other useful parameters which can assist in SEO. It performs On-page and Off-Page Audits while comparing websites in real-time and also allows importing of the data.

As the name suggests this tool provides page rank for your website in Google Search Results. It gives the PR score of your website along with Authority. You may download the report for further analysis.

This tool is free only up to 10 searches after which you may want to upgrade to a paid plan. This tool gives the position of your website in search results for a given keyword. With the paid plan you will also get a Local GMB tracker and Email Reports. GMB tracker is a Google My Business Page tracker.

It is a free browser extension that provides page rank for the website viewed on Google and Bing. It is useful for generating reports on page rank for clients as well as competitor analysis.

As a bonus here are a few more that can be used for free or with an upgraded version.

Out of the above-mentioned tools, Google Search Console is a must for every website, while Moz bar is a browser extension that provides the data instantly on your Search Results Page. Rank Tank is a Google Sheet add-on more suitable for marketers working with large sets of excel data.

By using these tools one can check if their website is performing well or not and work on its optimization accordingly. For more on digital marketing techniques and tools don't forget to check my blog.

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