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Homemaker to Manager

Are you a homemaker? Want to be a good manager? Don't know where to start?

We want to showcase how a homemaker can prove to be a good manager.

A homemaker is a perfect combination of work and life balance if done right.

Well, most of us know what all a homemaker takes care of, right from morning breakfast to your midnight soup. From dirty clothes to well pressed and organized formals. From elders in the family to newborn infants.

So what is this a superpower or art which can be learnt and adapted?

You guessed it right, there is no superpower, its a result of well organized and trained brain, which I admit has to be god gifted for women, but those who don't owe one good news is that it can be learnt with a few tricks and self descipline.

So let us understand what goes into this :

  1. Organizing - as discussed in my previous blog its the key ingredient and the earlier one learns the easier it gets. Check more

  2. Minimalism - now some may find this as a new trend, let me clear it, its the oldest fact we have known for ages, also mentioned in our scriptures several times, its known Vedvyas once said "to find peace one need to own less, owning more is like adding ghee to fire", it is the same concept. Check more on

  3. Practice - we all know "practice makes a man perfect" so this ingredient is like salt.

  4. Discipline - no flight can take off without wings, this ingredient is meant for carrying one forward, letting us fly high.

  5. Consistency - we have to be consistent in any action for it to convert to a daily habit, do we remember when we started to brush our teeth, we had objected in the beginning hated it for few years but now its a habit.

  6. Hunger - it's the main ingredient without which all the above is not doable. We need the urge to be well managed and organized. For more check

With all the above one can be a good manager by being a homemaker, let us understand this with an example.

We all have a pantry in our house, and we all know we don't go out of stock, How does this happen?

The homemaker has mastered the supply chain mechanism in their pantry (Practice).

When a stock goes below a threshold level new order is placed, there is a dedicated area assigned for this stock sometimes labeled for all to know which stock is placed where (Organizing & Execution).

There is a day of the month where all stocks are reviewed and a list is prepared for materials to be refilled (Consistency).

The vendor list is reviewed to make budget adjustments. Offers are noted to make huge savings, like increasing monthly profits (Analysis).

Hunger and Discipline are subtle factors. Minimalism forms the binding agent like an optimal usage of available resources in a process flow.

The reality is that every significant area or activity of the house involves the key components of management Initiation, Analysis, Execution, and Closure. Budget being the driving force for the smooth working of the project.

Want to be a good manager, now you know you can start from your own home.

Happy Management!

For more on management skills Check

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