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Decision Fatigue & Minimalism

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Have you heard of "Decision Fatigue"? Do you know how Minimalism can help reduce decision fatigue?

We like collecting objects. As a basic instinct like the "Scrat squirrel from Ice Age movie" hoarding becomes our second nature. We fail to realize the negative effects this has on our well-being in a subtle yet impactful way. The least known effect is "Decision Fatigue". Most of us are unaware that we face this every now and then. So what is "Decision Fatigue"?

When our mind tends to drain itself, making simple decisions of choosing over objects it is known as "Decision Fatigue". For instance, if we take time in deciding which outfit to wear to the office and stand in front of the wardrobe for many minutes not able to decide and then randomly select one for the heck of it, there you go! This may seem tiny, but can you realize the snowball effect it could have on an entire day, if we drain with every small decision then we have no energy left for bigger decisions or events. This is the main reason why people who start their day with a high energy feel drained in a few hours and almost collapse when the sun goes down.

So who is considered at fault for this condition. Is it not that we have superimposed such unnecessary stress in our lives just to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends.

How can we combat this stress? The modest way of overcoming this is through a minimalist lifestyle. I am not saying we need to ditch our comfort and be a minimalist for the sake of it. We just need to maintain moderation. The simplest way is by reducing our buying trends.

For instance, if we move towards having a capsule wardrobe, the time, taken to decide what to wear instantly reduces. This saves time and energy for high-intensity activities. With "capsule wardrobe" I am not hinting at numbers or any strict rules for the wardrobe, but simply a small wardrobe that can meet our daily and occasional needs with limited clothing.

I remember my great grandmother had only one or two "Banarasi Saree" reserved for occasions, they were the happiest of the lot. They ideally followed the capsule wardrobe concept, but with changing times we need to adapt, so for this age, we can relax on numbers and use the need of the hour rule.

This action should not be discrete to clothing and other daily needs. If we can take charge of our decisions and apply the same thumb rule, we can be more productive and stay healthy at the same time. Minimalism has numerous benefits, health and fitness are the most underrated on the list. Using these simple tips and tricks we can create a work-life balance.

Stay healthy! Happy Minimalism!

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