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10 ways to save money

Do you want to save money? Are you a hoarder?

Here are 10 simple ways to save money, time, and space.

  1. Budget your grocery list. Use online apps for ordering groceries it will track your needs over a period and reduce wastage of food at the same time. It can save you big on your order as well. I use Grofers or BigBasket and save almost 20% every month on my orders.

  2. Try buying quarterly packs and transferring them to smaller containers. This will fetch saving through offers or coupons.

  3. Minimize your monthly spending on clothing & apparel. I make a quarterly buy so as to minimize monthly spend and accumulate for a quarter which can help buy expensive stuff as well. It will also avoid mood buys. Again I recommend using online apps like Amazon, Myntra, there are many more in the market, you can compare prices and save big time.

  4. Organize and allocate space for stuff. This way you will have a count of how much is required and lessen unnecessary clutter and expenditure.

  5. Avoid duplicates. Make a habit of adjusting with one piece rather than having multiple pieces of the same item in several corners of the house. This will save you a huge sum over buying stuff over and over again. Organizing will help reduce duplicates.

  6. Do not use cash. Use online payment methods like Paytm, Paypal, and others wherever possible when you go shopping. This will let you keep track of your expenditure and will avoid going overboard.

  7. Try buying items that are easy to clean, this approach will have an effect in the long run, when you spend less on cleaning materials and coverups. For instance, I always buy dark-colored or stained furniture and closed storage bins. This practice has let me spend less on maintenance saving me money.

  8. Practice using reusable items, avoid paper and plastic as much as you can. This will reduce buying unnecessary paper, plastic items, and also help you contribute towards saving the environment. For instance, recently I have switched to using mostly steel and glass in my kitchen which helps me control the urge to buy good-looking plastic wear each time I shop, also contributing my bit to the Zero Waste challenge.

  9. Use room fresheners like incense stick, orange peel, rose petals, flavored oil. This will save you a load on buying expensive room fresheners.

  10. Try upgrading your data packs for mobile and internet frequently, this will let you avail new offers and save reasonably on your monthly bills.

Nothing can be easy without practice. Even for saving money, you need regular practice and self-discipline. Minimalism can help you save huge and the practice can also make you a millionaire. Owning less has been the mantra for ages to live a happy life. So wishing my readers a very Happy New Year!

Happy Saving! Happy Minimalism!


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