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Organizing- First step to management

We manage home, tasks, money, crisis, projects, time, and whatnot.

What could be the foundation, for a well-managed activity?

After giving it a thought, reading several blogs and articles, undergoing a Management course myself, and practicing well-managed life I got to a point where I feel I found the answer to this question.

It has to be organizing!

Let me explain why I came to this.

Before we start any management activity we need a plan, to work out that plan we need the right resources, but say you don't have a system in place for the functioning of these resources according to your plan, then God bless! however efficient your resources are, no matter how full proof your plan is - the project will collapse.

For the smooth functioning of any activity, we need an appropriate system, and this right working system in place will depict one's organizing abilities.

For instance, let us take the example of your home - say you have a well organized and systematic house,

1. where all the members in the house know where to find what,

2. all the chores are undertaken without any reminders or lapse,

3. there is the right amount of inflow and outflow of items without creating clutter,

4. a supply-chain mechanism is in place,

5. every activity in the house leads to budget control,

6. the onus of managing things is delegated,

7. the functioning in that house becomes more Agile,

8. if you are the one who is accountable and responsible for the outcome then you have a high level of satisfaction, your family is contented.

Is it not all that we need in our homes!

For attaining this level of quality in our living the first step that we need to take is being organized. By organizing I mean you create a system for the inflow and outflow of items in your house.

These days people are obsessed with minimalism, the thumb rule for minimalistic life is to declutter unnecessary things, by doing this you derive a balanced system that can be well organized, and a well-organized system is well maintained or managed. This leads to goodness in every activity we take up because organized life creates a ripple effect.

So take one step at a time and you will reach there in no time. Happy Minimalism! Happy Management!


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