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Ikigai - Spirit to Live

Ikigai - It's a Japanese proverb for our inner spirit to live. The energy that wakes us out of bed each morning, the spirit that pushes us to survive, to achieve, and to rise above.

These days I am kind of obsessed with Japanese culture. I watch their vlog videos as if I binge-watch. I like their dedication to food preparation and consumption. They have several customs and rituals which are quite authentic and I can somehow relate a few with our own.

The one thing that struck the chord recently was their internet sensation proverb "Ikigai" which has something to do with everyone's roots. So thought of shedding some light.

Everyone on this planet wants to live, no one wants to end, even the one who is breathing their last breath still wants a chance to live if granted. So what is this spirit that pushes each one of us to live and conquer, to rise above, to upgrade, to better ourselves, this is what the Japanese call "Ikigai".

Superficially "Ikigai" depends on "What you love", "What the world needs", "What you are good at" and "What you can get paid for", but if we go deeper these are in a way a medium to survive and be happier and lead a life with content and satisfaction.

As per my research from various articles, blogs, and texts from Indian scriptures, it has to do with our "Mooladhar Chakra". It is the energy that's transmitted from this chakra that gives us the spirit to live and survive amidst all mishappenings. This is the place which when out of balance, becomes the cause for depression and other mental or physical ailments.

So is there a way to find "Ikigai"? The answer is undoubtedly a Yes when one finds answers to the above 4 questions, but the application requires taking right decisions and staying disciplined. Too much indulgence in any activity can hamper its functioning by giving way to greed, discontentment, dissatisfaction, and other negative feelings that can suppress "Ikigai". Moderation is the key to healthy and peaceful living and this the grass-root level measure to keep Ikigai going.

With moderation, I would mean to make a reasonable living with more focus towards need-based than want based. This is also the ground for a minimalistic lifestyle and leads to work-life balance. So here I conclude that a minimalistic lifestyle in a way can keep our Ikigai going.

For a better understanding of the minimalistic lifestyle, you can read my other blogs

Happy Minimalism!

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