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Digital Marketing Tools

You may have come across many digital marketing tools on different channels and blogs. In this post, I am going to discuss the types of digital marketing tools in general. When I started out fresh as a digital marketer, it took me a while to figure out which tools I need the most and which I can overlook for now.

When you start blogging or own a website the first thing you would target is your SEO which includes both online and offline SEO. This means you would need the following tools

Website & Hosting Server

The first place to start a blog is to find a good blogging site. If you plan to own a website instead of posting on free blogging sites, then it is advisable to find a good domain name and a hosting server. Domains names are available on various platforms like Google, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and others. Most of these channels provide hosting services as well. Sites like flippa also provide domains that are for resale. If you want to rank higher on google faster, then most people go for resold domains with good domain authority and traffic.

Content checking for plagiarism

Once you have your blogging site in place it's time to publish some good content. How do you check if your content has copyright issues or not? This can be tested using copywriting tools like Grammarly and plagiarism checker. With the advent of AI, these tools have been backed up by these text processing techniques, where you can expect to deliver good content with the help of these tools. You may find both free and paid versions of these tools, it is always advisable to go for the free versions initially.

Keyword Research

If you are writing content then you want it to materialize rather than keep it to yourself. For this to happen you will need to research the keywords that your consumers are looking for and educate your audience on the same. Keywords come in different forms and types like seed keywords, short tail keywords, long-tail keywords, LSI keywords, and so on. Each has its own significance. Digital marketers use a few keyword planning tools like,,, and others.

SERP Checker

If you own a website or a blog then you would want it to rank higher for a given set of keywords, for which you would need to check the position of your site in comparison to the position of your competitor's website if needed. By using a SERP checker you can know the position of the given website for the set of keywords you researched and also improve the ranking using the right length of the title, page URL, and meta description with Google SERP Tools.

Google Analytics

Google keeps track of which website you visit, where you are coming from and how long you stay on the content you are visiting. Now, this is true for your visitors as well. If this data can be collected over a period of time, one can analyze which content is trending and which needs some workaround. Also, the channels that support the traffic to your content could also be visualized. This is exactly what Google Analytics has been doing.

Search Console

For your website to rank on google you need to submit your website to the google search console. The search console tracks the interaction of search bots with your website while the user interaction is tracked using google analytics.

The search console helps in optimizing google crawls, indexing, fixing indexing errors, monitoring the backlinks, and also monitoring AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) or Smartphone crawlers. It can also be used to bring more relevant traffic to your website.

Backlink Audit

It is important to acquire backlinks to your website or blog for it to rank higher in search results. Now if the quality of backlinks acquired are relevant and are from high authority domains, then the value of your natural link profile increases as otherwise. A very high positive or negative link velocity is also considered harmful, which is when your website gains or loses too many backlinks over a short period of time. Also, too many reciprocal or two-way links are considered to impose a penalty. To check if your backlinks have imposed a penalty on your website you can check using Panguin Tool.

Domain Authority & Page Authority Checker

As you may have understood by now to rank higher on google you need backlinks that decide your domain authority and page authority scores. To check your DA and PA you may use free tools like DA PA Checker. There are also free tools for checking these scores in bulk like

Social Media Management Tools

Social media has an important role to play in off-page SEO. Links posted on social media platforms can fetch high-quality backlinks which improve your DA and PA. With multiple social media platforms and accounts one may find it difficult to manage these platforms for which you may find it suitable to use social media tools for creating and scheduling content. Tools like Canva can be used to create social media content for different platforms and tools like Buffer can be used to schedule and post content to these platforms. These tools provide free and paid versions. There is a lot that can be achieved with the free version, while some premium features are made available with the paid version.

These are a few important tools that are needed for starting your digital marketing journey. As you progress you will need more sophisticated tools to determine the metrics you are looking for. For more on digital marketing check other published content.

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