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SEO Tactics

For anyone using google or for those owning a website or for the one writing a piece of content, believe me they all need SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means optimizing your content so that it stands out amidst the competition on a search engine.

Search engine crawlers use several algorithms most of it unknown to the common public in that case the only savior for our content to rank higher on SERP (Search Results Page) would be SEO tactics.

Major steps involved in optimization would be:

  • Keyword research and analysis

  • Create good content

  • Optimize On-Page SEO

  • Generate Traffic

  • Fetch Backlinks

  • Strategize Off-Page SEO

There are different classifications of SEO :

  • Black Hat vs White Hat

  • On-Page vs Off-Page

Black Hat SEO involves all the manipulated tactics of content optimization in order to show the crawlers that the page contains rich content for the searched keyword whereas White Hat SEO uses all organic optimization techniques.

While On-Page SEO involves optimization related to the content and its markers whereas Off-Page SEO deals with brand authority of the site and site owner.

Generally marketers use all or most of it to rank their content higher. Ace Digital Marketers give more importance to White Hat SEO as Black Hat SEO is considered doomed. Nevertheless Black Hat SEO still exists. Most marketers use a hybrid of both which they call Grey Hat SEO.

On-Page SEO mainly includes attributes related to content :

  • Look for keywords in Title, URL and meta description.

  • Include the keyword in the content without over stuffing.

  • Use of Schema and Subheads in the content.

  • Site architecture plays a major role.

  • Canonicalization is a technique to avoid duplicate content.

  • Use of mobile-friendly sites.

  • Use of HTTPS and SSL certificates.

Off-Page SEO on the other hand mainly deals with outward attributes :

  • Trust that audience has in your site which could be derived from -

  • Domain Authority - popularity of the domain name.

  • Page Authority - Popularity of page content.

  • Bounce Rate - No of people viewing single page before leaving the site.

  • Domain Age - age of the site, older the better.

  • Identity - Brand or personal Identity.

  • Backlinks - total number of links to your page from other sites and their quality including the anchor text with which they are linked with.

  • Region - Country or City of origin and the target audience.

  • Social Shares - presence on social media involves both number and quality of shares.

I have covered most of SEO tactics and practices used across web. Hope this brings some relief to those who are new to Digital world and are looking for some insight on the basic idea of what actually happens behind a search and how SEO is used to get desired results from a search.

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