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5 Free SEO Tools

In this article, I will share 5 FREE tools which can be used for improving the SEO of your website or blog.

As it is evident search engine optimization is a very much required technique in the world of digital marketing if you are aiming at organic traffic.

We usually require analytics and research tools for optimizing our content, but more often these tools and services are subscription based and if you are aware that paid versions of most of the tools are not quite friendly on the pocket.

You would require free tools to avoid running out of budget and here are 5 such tools which are popular and most often used by amateur digital marketers.

Wordstream : It is a popular keyword research tool, which returns PPC based keywords for Google and Bing search engines. It returns semantic keywords which saves a lot of effort checking for combination of keywords based on the topic. It has an export feature where you can email the list to your email ID. Though this feature is free, you may be able to perform the action up to 10 times in a day. The option for searching location based keywords assists in targeting your audience. You can also evaluate keywords based on industry.

If you have too many keywords to research then you can speed up the process with the top 25 keywords shown on your screen without downloading the list. This tool can prove to be of great value in your ad campaigns.

SerpRobot : This online tool has many features for subscribed users other than checking the rank of your website on Google which is available for free . With this article I will be focusing only on the FREE Rank Checker which is open for all users. You can check the ranking of your website for a given region

against 10 keywords which could be long tail keywords or short ones. This tool can help you find, how your content is performing for different keywords

and to analyse your strategy, if it is working right. If the site does not rank within first 100 results on the google page also known as SERP which stands for Search Engine Results Page then the ranking is not returned by the tool. The tool also provides competitor analysis but all these advanced features are available with paid version.

SEMrush : As most of you may know this tool to be subscription based, there are few features which are available for all users. This article is going to focus on the free features alone. When you signup for the tool you will be provided with a 7 day trial during which you can setup a project and check the analytics with your competitor site. This feature is available even after the trial period ends and

you have a analytics tool setup for your website which will let you know how the site is performing based on backlinks and other details. You can also compare these site specifics with your competitor's site which will help you strategize your content. You can also perform position tracking and organic traffic analytics. : This tool comes with both subscription and non subscription flavours. With the free version you can perform keyword research for 11 different platforms including YouTube and Yandex other than the usual ones which are Google and Bing. You can also check for the most popular question ideas on the web which can be useful with forums like Quora and Reddit. With the paid subscription plan you will have access to their API which can be integrated with your workflow. With the keyword research tool you can get keywords which are semantic and also you will find related keywords to the topic which are PPC based.

Google Analytics & Search Console : This is a free tool provided by Google which keeps track of all the information related to your website, blog or even social media platform. Once configured this tool can be used to generate keywords, page views, ranking and other important metrics related to the site. This tool is normally configured with Google Search console which shows the performance report of the site and the backlink information. It will show which keywords are performing better with the content based on the location. All features are available with free version.

There are many other useful tools for SEO but this article is focused on the most used ones, when you are out with your new blogging site. I have used these tools since I started my website and they have been a constant companion since then. I wish this article could help someone who is starting a blogging site.

Wishing my readers All the Luck. If you find value in the content, Please like and subscribe so that I can create more content of the sort. You can find the demo of these tools on my channel Digi Marketer Online

Happy Reading!

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