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Surviving a Crisis

I have come across people who have been struggling to make a decent living owing to the effects of the pandemic. So what should one do?

A few years back I came across this amazing concept called "Minimalism" which took the internet by storm. I was wondering where to begin, for a few days till I realized that we as a middle-class community already have the traits of being a true minimalist.

Minimalism follows a few key principles :

  • Use, what is needed.

  • Buy, when it is needed.

  • Spend, how much is needed.

This concept totally revolves around the need principle.

The journey progresses with training your mind on differentiating between "Want" and " Need".

We as humans can live with less, but as a social being, we tend to raise beliefs of want or desire over time which makes us indulgent and this leads to overspending and accumulation, which then forms a habit. In general for any habit to change, it requires following the same process which formed that habit which has to be Idea, Practice, and Belief.

Along the journey, you will realize that "Less is More" and how owning less can bring more joy finally wanting to do more of minimalism.

Surviving a pandemic or a personal crisis is another side effect of the minimalistic approach.

Usually, people follow it for a better well being both mental and physical, but it can have its own flavors as it did for me.

Happy Minimalism! Stay Safe!

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