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Packing & Moving House Tips

Are you planning to shift your home, Don't know where to start?

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you through.

The journey of moving a house starts right from the day you enter the house.

Some tips to follow along with the stay in your house :

  1. If you come across any cartons or cardboard boxes, from ordering groceries or online shopping, don't discard them.

  2. Get rid of any clutter, paper, plastics, or smaller items that are within 50 bucks.

  3. Don't buy too much stuff if you are a renter.

  4. Buy furniture which has storage.

  5. Get rid of any duplicates, keep useful items only if they are in use.

  6. Keep unused or occasionally used items in bags or boxes.

  7. Store a limited count of old blankets and towels.

  8. Use multi-purpose cleaning agents like baking soda and vinegar.

  9. Try maintaining a limited count of organizers like bins and baskets.

  10. Store items based on their category, like containers, grocery, glassware, etc...

Some tips for packing and moving :

  1. Use the cartons and cardboard boxes for packing open items.

  2. Number the bags and boxes which already store items.

  3. Label "Handle with Care" on the package which holds delicate items.

  4. Use old blankets and towels to wrap glassware before packing.

  5. Store oil, cleaning agents, and brushes in buckets.

  6. Water your plants the night before the move.

  7. Keep one-time food or snack handy along with a bottle of water.

  8. Map the numbered cartons or bags with a given room like glassware with kitchen.

  9. Check the working condition of lights and fans in the new home before the move.

  10. Keep a checklist of all the packages that are under movement.

  11. Instruct the movers about which box needs to be unloaded in which room.

  12. Keep a list of all places where you need an address change.

These tips must help you ease your home movement journey.

Happy Packing & Storage!

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