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How to monetize your Website

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Are you a blogger? Do you own a website of any kind, then this thought of monetizing your website would have crossed your mind at some point. Initially, you may have been reluctant, since the traffic to your site or blog may have been low, but once you started seeing some action on your content, it would have compelled you to rethink and find ways to Monetize a Website.

Here are a few through which most bloggers and website owners monetize their sites. One may make use of a few or all to achieve high returns.


This is the most common means of monetizing your website. Ad Networks are an intermediary source that buys ad space from publishers and sells them to advertisers in accordance with the ad price offered by the advertisers for their content. This can offer a great deal if the content is of higher quality and drives high traffic in turn, while smaller traffic can also make money through ad networks. High Traffic websites may also leverage the benefits of ad exchanges through bulk buying and selling of their ad spaces. Examples of Ad Networks are Google Adsense, Bing Ads, and others.

Selling Ad Space

Sites that offer high-value content may leverage the benefits of selling their ad space directly to the advertiser for a fixed deal. Most news channels follow this means of monetizing by publishing sponsored content. Website owners generally indulge in ad space selling and ad networks are their last resort if there is any unsold inventory of ad space on their site.

Affiliate Marketing

Most people who own a website promote products on their sites. If one has enrolled themselves as a member of the amazon affiliate program, you can promote these links on your website, and when any user clicks on these products and makes a purchase the profit percentage is shared to your amazon balance. The percentage usually depends on the product category and demand and is decided by the program. There are several other affiliate programs similar to amazon which can be used to earn passive income by promoting on your website. This means of earning follows the cost per action (CPA) model.

Donations or Subscriptions

If your website provides valuable information, then you may gain support from your audience by opening channels for donations. For instance, if your site provides some free or open-source code or if your site promotes philanthropic activities, you may request your customer to volunteer to make a donation. If your website publishes periodicals or offers a service that is pay per use basis, then you may utilize subscription-based plans in order to monetize your site.

Sponsored Content

Just like websites publish sponsored advertisements, similarly, the content may also be sponsored. You may guest blog or write articles for some other blog or website and get paid for your content. If someone else guest-blogs on your site then you can attain backlinks from these author sites which will increase your site authority and in turn increase the value of your advertiser space.

Selling Website

When a website starts driving traffic, the domain authority of the site increases, though this is not the only measure used by google for calculating domain authority. This increases the cost of the site. If one may wish to sell the domain for a fixed price, then this is a popular channel to monetize your website. Flippa is the most popular website selling platform, though there are several others.

There are many other ways of monetizing like selling products, integrating with a CRM network, publishing brand videos, selling online courses, and many others. If you are a new website owner then start with Ad Networks other than Google Adsense which allows publishing on small traffic sites like Adcash, InfoLinks, and others.

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