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How to use Keyword Golden Ratio

Want your page rank to move higher?

Are you a new blogger? Do you write content with the intent to rank them higher on google search results as soon as possible?

If the answer is an obvious "Yes" then you must understand a technique called "KGR" which is a popular SEO trick to get your page ranking higher on google.

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)

As the name suggests it's a ratio technique related to keywords and their search volumes.

To put it simply the ratio of Google Search Results to the Search Volume of a keyword having a monthly search volume less than 250 represents the KGR.

For instance, say we are looking for KGR keywords "allintitle: why are the goosebumps books banned" and the google results page showed 3 results.

Search Volume for the same keyword return 20.

Now calculate the KGR = 3/20 = 0.15

As observed the picked long-tail keyword has search volume below 250 and the KGR ratio is also less than 0.25. This confirms that the selected keyword meets the keyword golden ratio.

As per the KGR rule, values ranging from 0.25 to 1.00 may tend to work, greater than 1.00 are termed bad, while less than 0.25 are considered excellent in performing with google ranking.

What is the significance of KGR?

As you may have realized by now, the keywords that meet KGR criterion are mostly ultra long-tailed words. These keywords have very low competition which makes them far easier to get ranked on google, in a short span when compared to non KGR keywords.

The intent is to get detected by google faster when your website is brand new and you want your website to rank on the first page of google to increase its domain authority.

The downside of writing content for such keywords is that your site will not monetize for the traffic you receive, since these keywords have very low CPC or CPM which is the main criterion for making money.

To know more about monetization, check my blog.

How to go about with KGR?

The first step to this is to identify keywords that have a very low search volume.

One can make use of any free keyword research tool like "Semrush".

Once you have identified at least 20 such keywords, then check for the search result count for these keywords.

You can make use of Google Operator "allintitle" which will filter unnecessary results for the keyword mentioned.

Identify the keywords which have search results count less than search volume. If the keyword research tool provides monthly search volume, then opt for this count.

Find the KGR by dividing the search results by search volume.

Pick the keywords with a KGR value less than 0.25.

Write content for these selected keywords.

A maximum of 20 posts must get your website on the first page sooner than the traditional process.

Don't forget to comment if you could make it to the first page with this technique.

For more content on digital marketing check my channel DigiMarketerOnline.

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