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5 Ways to increase website Traffic

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Own a blog, want to increase traffic? Most new bloggers face the challenge of bringing in an audience for their content. I was also the one sailing in the same boat until I identified a few ways by which traffic can be driven to your website.

The good part is all this is free traffic.

How can one get traffic to their website or blog?

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As explained in my previous blog on monetization, advertising is a popular means, to get traffic to your website. Just like how advertisement can make the audience buy a product or service, a good visual or promotion can do the same for your blog or website as well. You may choose to promote your website for free or opt for paid advertising. Using ad networks or ad exchanges is a feasible way to build traffic in a short time. Programmatic advertising is provided by big players like Google, Bing, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and others.

Social Media

If you are aware of SEO, then you would know how social media plays an important role in brand building and search result ranking. With the right use of social media, one can generate traffic to their blog. This not only increases domain authority but also creates a brand awareness of your content. Aggregator sites like Quora and Reddit are fuel sources for traffic. Social Media also improves the off-page SEO of your site.

Keyword Research

Now if one is working towards search engine optimization, they will be very much aware of the use of the right keywords. This not only brings up your website content for a bunch of keywords associated with your niche or domain but also acts as a traffic generator. Long-tail keywords can play the trick in bringing more traffic than short keywords which face high competition. There are several keyword search tools, also one may make use of Google Adword planner for generating high traffic.

Guest Blogging

If you are a blogger then you know the importance of guest blogging. This could be a two-way process, one may ask someone else to guest blog for their site as well as one can write articles for someone else's blog. In both cases, they are targeting high-quality backlinks which will increase the website authority and in turn increase google search ranking. Fiverr and Freelancer sites have a ton of related jobs around guest blogging. There are several guest posting websites where one can submit their content. CoSchedule and ReadWrite are two such guest blogging sites.

Referral Traffic

Now referral process is generally a part of every industry, leave alone blogging. With reference, we intend to do good to two parties involved, the one who is promoting as well as the one who is a consumer. This policy holds true for bloggers as well. With subscription-based websites, one can ask their own users to refer their friends and acquaintances to join their site which will build the community and bring in free traffic. Now your referral can come from social media or other websites.

These are a few ways to generate traffic to your website. Traffic is the key source for growth. Whatever your site may be doing, without traffic it will not grow. Hope this article can help you bring in traffic for your blog.

For more content on digital marketing, you can check my blog.

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