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Repaint your home on budget

Around Festival season everyone plans to get their homes painted or renovated, so did we. After having gone through the tedious task of getting our home painted found these following tips will come handy.

  1. Generally, painting service is available either as contract-based or on daily wages.

  2. With contract-based service you will be given a quotation and based on your budget you can opt for the right contractors. This can be cheaper if there is construction going on around your site else would suggest going for daily wage service.

  3. Under daily wage criteria, find the daily labor price around your area per day.

  4. Unlike contract-based, you will have to bring in the material required on your own.

  5. Daily wage can prove to be much cheaper if you know what material is required for your walls.

  6. For worst leakage stricken walls you may need Wall Putty, Plaster of Paris, Wall Primer, Interior Emulsion, Exterior Emulsion, Paint brushes, rollers, sandpaper and other tools for forming the base. (You can get the list verified with you painter or the hardware supplier).

  7. Once the materials and wages are clarified check on the number of days required to finish the work. (You may have to plan for days of drying walls as well)

  8. Usually comparing the quotes of contract and daily wage can prove beneficial if you want to save huge amounts with repainting.

  9. With this approach, we nearly saved 60% of the total cost, we opted for daily wage service.

Hope these insights can bring in some relief on your pockets and turn your homes beautiful.

Happy Diwali!

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