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Top 5 digital marketing skills

If you want to be a digital marketer, who is figuring out what skills are needed for being a good digital marketer and finding success in this field, then you are in the right place.

In spite of spending a good amount of time in the IT industry and understanding the technical aspects of digital marketing, when I set out to start on my own, I realized the skill set required for this profession were totally different from what I learned working on the technical front of digital marketing. This pushed me in putting together the top 5 skills which are of utmost importance when it comes to finding success in the digital world.

Knowing Your Audience

This may seem pretty straightforward, but a lot goes into identifying your target audience. People with several years of experience miss this many a time. If you are new to the field then it would be beneficial if you have strong observing skills. It is advised to take time in understanding your audience and identifying the target demographics which include age, gender, location, occupation, and other related details of the customer. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram include these details when you create ad campaigns.

Setting the right Sales Pitch

If you are from a non-sales background and are starting on your own as a digital marketer, then you will have to learn this skill over time. In the digital world, most of the pitching is done through copywriting. If your one-liners can make a customer click the content and create interest in owning the product or service then you have mastered the art of creating awareness. Selling relates to conversions, the higher the rate of conversion, the higher is your sales.

An Eye for details

Most marketers are not designers, if you can identify the right color combination and content integration to make an appealing image that catches your audience's interest then you know how to create an impression. This skill is very much needed to progress with the above-mentioned skills. Canva is a popular tool used for this work.

Good with Numbers

You don't need to be very good at math, but knowing how to make a profit is of real importance since no business or skill would survive if they don't generate profits. Financial education can come in handy, even if you are from a non-financial background it is worth learning this skill in order to survive the game.

Mere financial knowledge would not be sufficient without analytical skills. A sound analysis of what is needed and which targets to set can take you a long way.

Usage of Marketing Tools

Knowing how to use basic marketing tools like Google Adwords, Keyword Analytics, Google Analytics, and others can give you an insight into where you stand with your product or service. It can help in creating a road map for your business or campaign.

Even after learning and mastering all the above skills, it's your creativity that can make you stand out in the race. The idea may be common, but it matters how it is being conveyed. This is where you can grab an opportunity to make it big in the digital world.

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