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Page Authority

After having understood the domain authority of a website, let us dive into the details of the importance of page authority and its relevance in ranking. Page Authority or PA is a metric developed by Moz to predict the ability of the page to rank in search results.

Page Ranking is an algorithm that Google had been using in the past to rank websites that are now ranked using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms known as RankBrain, and Page Authority in a way determines ranking but is not a Google metric. To put it straight PA is not the only criteria for ranking higher on search engine results. There are several other factors including page relevance and domain authority.

If you are a website owner and publish content very often then you would naturally want to rank higher on the search results. For this to happen you will have to work on content, use more images and gain more reliable backlinks.

The score of PA lies between 0 to 100 on a logarithmic scale. The higher its value higher is the ability of the website to rank higher.

Google does not rank based on DA or PA, but to attain high-quality backlinks and to compare your website with that of your competitor websites it is advisable to check your PA or DA. As learned earlier backlinks are important in ranking your website higher in search engines like Google. And the MOZ metrics DA and PA depend mostly on backlinks along with more than 40 other SEO factors.

Page Authority is calculated using Machine Learning algorithms and hence is suitable to determine the relative score of the page rather than attaining the absolute score for ranking. PA includes DA in its calculation. PA does not take into account the keywords and content optimization while it considers external factors that authorize the page.

How to Improve Page Authority

Though Google does not use PA or DA for ranking, it is important to consider the PA of the page in making it competitive so that it can rank higher in the search results. Moz is not involved with any search engines but they have upgraded the algorithms that calculate the PA and mostly involve all external factors related to a search engine crawling a page. Hence it becomes necessary to improve your page authority and domain authority.

The following points can be taken care of for improving the authority :

  • Avoid Spammy links

  • Attain High-Quality Backlinks

  • Focus on the Content

  • Remove Bad Links

Overall backlinks are the determining factor for page authority. PA is not a ranking factor for search engines but can be considered a signaling factor to know where your website page stands. This score also builds a trust level within your users and clarifies your position relative to your competitors.

To know more about attaining backlinks read this article on Creating 100 Backlinks from scratch.

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