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What to do if Google Adsense is rejected

I own a blog that is more than a year old. Initially, I created it to learn digital marketing and started writing stuff that came to my mind. Gradually, as I learned the technicalities of the domain, I picked digital marketing as my niche and blogged around these topics.

My blog started gaining traffic and was soon compelled to monetize the traffic for which I applied for Google Adsense approval. As any new blogger would face this, My site got rejected, not once but at least five times. Each time it was a new issue. I fixed every issue and reapplied and alas my site got rejected for missing the right content. Now what?

After losing hope for some time, I then came across multiple alternatives for Google Adsense. These Ad networks work with smaller publishers, with lower traffic.


This is an ad network company founded in 2013 and is running to date. The user has multiple options for ad formats. They claim to run ads even if users have ad blockers enabled. They provide impressive CPM cost per mille rates. They boast of partnering with 12k plus advertisers.


This company founded in 2011, provides AI-based campaigns along with retargeting advertising. A publisher can earn 80% of the profit earned from displayed ads both on desktop and mobile. They are also a part of IAB (International Advertising Bureau) for Europe and Greece.


This company founded in 2012 guarantees a 100% fill rate. Their minimum payout rate is the least with 1$ and also have daily payouts available. They are a part of another advertising network Advertica.


A UK-based advertising company known to work well on websites with traffic >5000. They have no restriction on regions. The company was founded in 2014 and provides a minimum payout of 50$ through various payment methods.


This company was founded in 2010, is known to serve advertisers from 40 countries. Their minimum payout is 5$. The earnings can be transferred to buy traffic for the publisher's website.

Following is a table that shows the list of features provided by these ad networks.

Hope this article has given an insight into some of the popular ad networks which can be used as Adsense alternatives. If your website gets rejected for any reason you may take advantage of these alternatives.

For more on Advertising and Monetization check the blog.

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