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Do I need a Digital Marketing Course

As the internet became a part of the household, so did digital marketing. If you wonder, then right from the toothbrush to the goodnight mat that you use regularly, are a product of marketing and if you came to know about these products through a digital medium then you are a customer of digital marketing at default.

With this industry flourishing like never before and more people wanting to enter this field, it becomes extremely important to know what skills are required to be a successful digital marketer. You can learn more about it here.

In this article, we will know if a digital marketing course can train us in these skills.

A question that is very common on the internet is "If a degree in digital marketing is better than a digital marketing course?"

As a beginner in this field, one needs to gain some knowledge of the concepts involved in digital marketing. This can be attained either through a full-fledged course through online videos and materials available for FREE. One may gauge a full-fledged course to be more effective than FREE tutorials, but the reality is both of them reveal knowledge but can be useful only when implemented practically. While a university degree in the field can be useful when planning for a professional career in top-notch companies, yet to be successful here, you will again need practical exposure to these techniques.

For a start one can opt for the FREE digital marketing courses that provide certification. Once you complete the course you can try your hands on the core concepts either by owning a website or a blog. Most digital marketers prefer to start with SEO and gain expertise in it. This will train you on other aspects of digital marketing like PPC, social media marketing, and others.

Here is a list of FREE courses you can start with :

A Google Digital Garage free course that spans 40 hours and provides a certificate of completion at the end. The course includes 26 modules on various topics for beginners in digital marketing.

An Allison free course that spans 3 to 4 hours and provides a certificate of completion including three modules around location targeting and advertising. There is an assessment at the end of the course.

A Hubspot free course that spans 3 and a half hours and provides a certificate of completion including seven lessons around inbound marketing targeting and advertising. Automation and Reporting are involved as well. Each lesson is concluded with quizzes.

A Linkedin learning initiative that involves a free course spanning 19 and a half hours and provides a certificate of completion including eleven items around digital marketing basics and branding. The course briefs on all aspects of social media marketing and advertising. It also highlights on use of analytic tools and graphic designing making it a complete package.

A Coursera free course that spans 8 months and provides a certificate of completion which can be downloaded upon subscription. The course offered by Illinois involves 7 courses, each that earn a certificate upon completion with topics around marketing and strategies involved in digital media. Someone looking for shorter courses can opt for the sub-modules within this specialization.

Though these courses provide a lot of information needed to kick start digital marketing, nothing can be productive unless you implement them. It is advisable to start with one concept and stick to it till you find success.

If you want to know more about digital marketing concepts check my blog.

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