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In this article, we will give an overview of how you can use affiliate tools to make marketing easier.

For getting your affiliate marketing across to the users, when you want them to see your product and subscribe to that product or service you need the right kind of tools. One such tool in the market is "ConvertKit".

Why use a convert kit and what is the benefit of using this tool ?

Normally, during affiliate marketing, we need landing pages to showcase our product and service to the user and ask them to subscribe or give their contact data so that we can reach out to them with the further details of product.

Usually, people who are very much into affiliate marketing and have been into this niche for very long own a website and they have customized landing pages which can be used to collect details of the users who want to reach them. A right landing page does most of the job to put across the right message you want your customers to know about your product or service.

But, what about people who are new to this field and are still learning the nuances or take for instance those affiliate marketers who want the intricacies of the marketing funnel to be taken care by a third party. This tool serves as the best fit for both these scenarios. I am not a promoter of this tool but I have seen the benefits of using it which I want to share with my audience.

Lets begin our journey throught the uses of this tool.

If you are a free subscriber you can get your landing pages as well as subscription forms done. With the free version of "Convertkit"you can view all the subscribers and send emails to them. For more options you will have to upgrade which will provide creator mode for creating automated funnels with access to templates and other services. As to meet your purpose, one can carry on with the free version. The free version of the tool also provides analytics.

Once you have the landing page in place you may need customized infographics or images to generate interest in your audience. Every social media platform these days provides extensions or integrations to such tools. With landing pages you can use "Canva" another popular tool to create required image, infographics and also post for promoting the landing page links. This tool also provides upgraded version, but most of the job can be taken care with free version of the tool as well. You can see the demo on my channel

When you have your landing page ready, you would need a way to promote these links. Sometimes you may have multiple pages related to one product or service, but you want your propspective customer to know the information for which you can make use of another powerful tool "LinkTree". You can view all the info at one place, also there is a provision of making payments using these links. I have not used the payments feature, use at your discretion. All in all this tool is very useful in promoting a single link when you have mutliple information pages to be shared with customer in one go.

I am a big fan of free tools and will come up with more such themes and websites. If you like this content Please like and subcribe. The demo of Convertkit is available on my channel.

Happy Reading!

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