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Affiliate Tools

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

In this article, we will give an overview of how you can use affiliate tools to make marketing easier.

For getting your affiliate marketing across to the users, when you want them to see your product and subscribe to that product or service you need the right kind of tools.

Before the use of any affiliate marketing tool, the user must sign-up on any affiliate marketing network or program. In order to market the affiliate link so that it reaches the right targeted audience you would need the right kind of tools.

Step 1: Statistics & Research on Affiliate products

Once you have enrolled on the affiliate network you would want to research products that are performing well. To check this you can use the following tools to analyze the traffic and engagement on products from multiple affiliate networks all in one place.

Step 2: Research for Ideas creating hooks, captions, and posters

Once you have the product you may want the appropriate content to post, for which you can get ideas from Facebook Ad Library

Step 3: Copywriting

It is of much value to having a good copywriter for the content to reach more customers. You may want to take help from tools like

Step 4: Write promising Headlines

Once you have your copy ready you need a check on your caption or hook to attract customers to your content page. This can be done through promising headlines by using headlines analyzer tools like

Step 5: Research for Stock Images

Once you have the content idea you will want the right images and photos that represent your content. You can get them from stock photo websites like

Step 6: Use PLR products as Freebies

While promoting normally marketers make use of free gifts and goodies which attract prospects and convert them into leads. To download such freebies for free you can go to websites like

Step 7: Create a Landing page for affiliate marketing

Most affiliate marketers don't own a website, in that case, you may need to create landing pages for your products. It is easier to use websites that already provide the service of creating landing pages and also provide tools to track page performance. Tools like ConvertKit are well-known for this job. The interesting thing is they also provide email marketing automation as well.

Step 8: Email Marketing for affiliate marketers

Now that you have the content ready you need to reach a wide audience to gain more customers. This may be achieved through email marketing which is considered a powerful channel of marketing for a long. Affiliate marketers can make you of automated tools like MailChimp that can also assist in email blasts.

The following tools provide landing pages with email marketing:

Step 9: Visualization & Analytics

To understand how affiliate marketing campaigns are performing you may need tools that analyze the purchase funnel traffic and check on traffic conversion numbers. This can be achieved through tools like

Step 10: Competitor Analytics

It is always worth keeping an eye on your competitors to know where your campaign is going. It gives insights into what is working for you and where you have to improve. You may use tools like

Affiliate Marketing Automation

Affiliate management software is one that provides most of the above-mentioned features all in one place from an affiliate network integration to link tracking and analytics. It encapsulates features like affiliate management, affiliate tracking, banner management, commission management, email communication, social sharing, and others. Most of these tools also provide affiliate marketing automation that involves strategizing campaigns through analytics which would involve the least user clicks. Affiliate management involves creating and managing affiliate programs or building a network of affiliates. Following are some affiliate management software more popularly called affiliate marketing software:

Affiliate tracking software allows you to create different links for different platforms you are promoting your affiliate product to keep track of their performance to decide which platform is bringing in more sales. These are a few affiliate tracking software:

Landing Page & Other Useful tools

Normally, during affiliate marketing, we need a landing page for affiliate marketing to showcase our product and service to the user and ask them to subscribe or give their contact data so that we can reach out to them with further details of the product.

Usually, people who are professional affiliate marketers own a website and they use customized landing pages that can be used to collect details of the users who want to reach them. A right landing page does most of the job to put across the right message you want your customers to know about your product or service.

Following are a few web hosting sites that offer many services including website builder:

Once you have the landing page in place you may need customized infographics or images to generate interest in your audience. Every social media platform these days provides extensions or integrations to such tools. With landing pages, you can use "Canva" another popular tool to create images, infographics, and also posts for promoting the landing page links. This tool also provides an upgraded version, but most of the job can be taken care of with free version of the tool as well. You can see the demo on my channel

When you have your landing page ready, you would need a way to promote these links. Sometimes you may have multiple pages related to one product or multiple products related to the brand, and you want your prospective customer to know the information for which you can make use of another powerful tool "LinkTree". You can view all the info in one place, and also make provisions for making payments using these links. All in all this tool is very useful in promoting a single link when you have multiple products to promote that need to be shared with the customer in one go.

I hope this list of these free affiliate marketing tools can make your affiliate marketing journey easier.

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