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Affiliate Marketing for beginners

Updated: Jan 31

If you have heard about affiliate marketing and are curious to explore the nuances the most common query all beginners have is How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

As a new affiliate marketer, you need no investment, but you may have to set up a system that can bring in the right traffic to the product sales page or a landing page for affiliate marketing.

To become an affiliate marketer you need to follow these steps:

  • Join an Affiliate Network

  • Find a specific product to sell

  • Go out there and sell

Now let us look at each step in more detail.

Step 1: Join an Affiliate Network

What are Affiliate Networks or Affiliate Platforms?

An affiliate Platform is a company that houses a bunch of affiliate programs from other companies and forms a network of affiliate marketers and affiliate programs called an affiliate network. An affiliate or an influencer is connected to these programs through the network hosting website called the affiliate platform. An affiliate marketer generally chooses programs within their niche and promotes them to their audience who are generally followers. The network on the other hand collects the commission from different companies who have hosted their programs on the network and pays it to the affiliate marketer who is the user of the network. The affiliate marketer promotes it to customers through a link generated for the product or service on the network called the affiliate link which helps the network collect the commission that belongs to the respective marketer.

Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

  1. FlexOffer

  2. CommissionJunction

  3. ClickBank

  4. PartnerStack

  5. Impact

  6. DigiStore24

  7. VCommission

Companies also provide affiliate programs individually that could either be recurring where the commission tends to come in on the following sales the customer makes that may also pay a lifetime commission or it may be fixed where the commission is set to a flat rate. While these programs are carried out without the aid of affiliate platforms, they are also termed as high-ticket because the sale value is high and so is the commission.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs

  1. Amazon

  2. Shopify

  3. SemRush

  4. Thinkific

  5. BigCommerce

  6. Wix

  7. Cloudways

  8. Bluehost

  9. Tubebuddy

  10. Aweber

  11. Grammarly

  12. Hostinger

CPA Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

The best way to start affiliate marketing is to work with CPA marketing where CPA stands for Cost per Action. There are affiliate marketing networks that promote attractive offers from clients which share a commission on performing the associated Click Through Action which may lead to Cost per Click or Cost per Lead. These websites work around the Cost per Action method and if you can manage to pull traffic to these products then you can earn an impressive commission. While affiliate marketing depends on sales for earning commissions which vary depending on the sales CPA marketing allows a fixed commission for the associated action.

Following are a few best CPA affiliate platforms or CPA networks as they are called:

  1. MaxBounty

  2. CPA Lead

  3. CPABuild

  4. CPA Trend

  5. PerformCB

  6. Peerfly

These sites offer some of the best in class commissions. It is an easy start for beginners with zero experience in affiliate marketing.

Step 2: Find a specific product to sell

Once you have decided on the network now it is time to zero in on the product you want to sell. It is always advisable to stick to your niche. Every affiliate product is associated with an affiliate link. Also when you start with marketing affiliate links you will need short link generators to make the links look legitimate by hiding long-length URLs with special characters and large random numbers. Shortened URLs can also assist in measuring the effectiveness of CPA marketing.

Step 3: Go out there and sell

Now that you have the products you want to sell and have the affiliate links for them it is time to promote and sell them.

How to promote affiliate products?

  1. create a blog depending on your niche

  2. Write Posts reviewing these products

  3. Promote through email marketing

  4. Promote on YouTube

  5. Run paid ads

  6. Hold free webinars

  7. Discuss on forums like Quora, Reddit, AnswerThePublic, and others

  8. Follow the affiliate program policies on distributing freebies and similar incentives for sales

For generating traffic to your links try posting your affiliate links on traffic forums related to the niche. It is advised to create landing pages to promote these products in case you don't have a blog. Following are 2 sites that can be used to create landing pages and posts even without owning a website :

  1. Canva

  2. ConvertKit

Now that you have seen how products are promoted through affiliate channels let us see how to use a marketing funnel for this.

Affiliate Marketing Funnel

The goal of an affiliate marketing funnel is to convert as many potential customers as possible into paying customers.

An affiliate marketing funnel typically consists of the following stages:

  1. Awareness: Potential customers become aware of the product or service through various marketing channels.

  2. Interest: Customers express interest in the product by clicking on an affiliate link or advertisement.

  3. Desire: Affiliates aim to create a desire for the product through educational content, product demonstrations, and reviews.

  4. Action: Customers make a purchase by clicking through the affiliate link to the merchant's website and making a purchase.

  5. Optimization: Affiliates continuously track and optimize their funnel to improve conversion rates and maximize earnings.

The above image shows the type of content and marketing channels that can be used in different stages of the affiliate marketing funnel.

For more information on these tools and techniques please visit my YouTube channel DigiMarketerOnline

The intent of this article was to make affiliate marketing easy. With the help of this information, beginners can start with affiliate marketing for free. In our next article, we have discussed about free affiliate marketing tools required for marketing.

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