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Affiliate Marketing for beginners

If you have heard about affiliate marketing and curious to explore the nuances the most common query all beginners have is How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

I have been lingering around this query for quiet sometime now and came across various methods, tips, tricks and techniques for getting started with affiliate marketing. Best way to start affiliate marketing is to work with affiliate marketing programs. There are affiliate marketing websites which promote attractive offers from clients which share a commission on performing the associated Click Through Action. These website work around Cost per Click method and if you can manage to pull traffic to these products then one can earn impressive affiliate commission. Following are few websites which offer best affiliate programs and popular with the audience :

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program

  2. Clickbank

  3. CPA Lead

  4. DigiStore24

  5. Commission Junction

These sites offer some of the best in class commissions. It provides an easy way to start for beginners with zero experience in affiliate marketing.

Also when you start with marketing affiliate links you will need short link generators to make the links look legitimate by hiding long length URL with special characters and large random numbers. Shortened URL can also assist in measuring the effectiveness of the CPA marketing.

Following are a few best URL shortening websites :

  1. BitLy

  2. Tiny URL

  3. Cuttly

  4. Okeo

  5. Shorte

For generating traffic to your links try posting your affiliate links on traffic forums related to the niche. It is advised to create landing pages to promote these products. Following are 2 sites which can be used to create landing pages and posts even without owning a website :

  1. Canva

  2. ConvertKit

For more information on these tools and techniques please subscribe to my youtube channel DigiMarketerOnline

The intent of this article was to list out all the useful tools required for affiliate marketing in one place. Hope this was useful.

Happy Reading!

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