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Grow Social Media Organically

If you are a social media marketer then the very basic question every digital marketer in the field has would be How to grow social media audience ?

I started my social media journey a couple of years earlier and it felt like someone threw me into a pond of water when I dint know to swim. Most readers may relate to this, but with time I was able to learn the tricks and nuances of the field which has made me share this story.

Who are your audience ?

Audience depends on the niche that your content is around. For instance I write about digital marketing so my niche is digital marketing and related fields. The content I write would interest mostly the people from this field.

What can I do to attract my audience ?

Once my niche is decided the next step would be to know what my audience needs. The current trend shows that with COVID-19 most people have sought to this field of work and would need insights into how they can build a business around this. This gives me an idea that the knowledge which I gained over the years needs to be shared with my audience.

What tools would I need ?

When I know my audience and have interesting content handy, now its time for using the right tools to reach the targeted audience. Following are the tools which I used to reach my audience :

  1. Keyword Research : To identify strong content topics we need the right keywords .

  2. Data Extraction : To identify the audience from the field we need few automated tools to make our job easier.

  3. Messenger Bots : While creating your niche audience there may be times when you need to send notifications and messages.

  4. Plagiarism Checker : When you talk of rich content we need to make sure that our content is unique.

  5. Duplicity Remover : To create unique content we can make use of tools that can help rewrite phrases which can avoid duplicity.

How often should I post ?

Once you have your audience and content you would need to post consistently to maintain the interest of your audience. Social Media Management Tools can help you schedule your content by posting once a day or twice a week depending on your field and the platform you have selected. The timing of post also matters. Identify your audience activity timing using Google Analytics or any other analytic tool.

How to get engaging Audience ?

For your audience to engage with you, You need to engage with them regularly. This can be done by liking their posts and articles. Commenting frequently and staying connected. We can use automation as well depending on your need.

With this approach, we can grow social media followers organically. Once the audience gets comfortable with the content and posting manner they would engage more often increasing more followers with time.

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Happy Reading!

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