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Woodcraft in Minimalism

We all know and understand we have to save trees to keep our environment livable but have to admit that, the wooden artifacts, furniture, and toys have no rivals to match. They are signature and classy across all ages and generations. Lately, I have adopted a habit which I hope will pay my tiny contribution to saving our environment without having to let go of wood in my life.

During our day-to-day, living we come across many wooden artifacts that have worn out and have to be replaced with a new one or the one which is trending. I tend to follow the below pointers instead, which are budget-friendly while being a symbol of minimalist lifestyle:

1. Check if the wooden artifact can be reused in some other form. Eg: I had a cutting board that broke into 2, I used glue to stick it back and used it as an under support for one of my organizers.

2. Old furniture can be refurbished to give a new look. Eg: We owned a cane sofa set which was my in-laws treasure the kind of which is no longer made. I used wood paint to give a new look and used new cushions made of the latest material trending in the market.

3. Use your creativity to convert the wood item into an art piece. Eg: My old bangle stand was made out of low-quality wood that did not live through, I used varnish and vinegar to keep it away from termites and fungus and then drew some art with eyeliner pencils which are available for as low as 10 bucks to give it an authentic look. Now it is used in our home temple as a cradle stand for the deity.

4. If you have an old thick tree branch, you can paint and reuse it as a bag and coat hanger in your entryway.

5. If there are leftover or broken boards from your carpentry work, use them as a rack in your kitchen or study room. Small pieces can be used in bathrooms as well.

All I would want to highlight is woodcraft never goes out of use, so don't discard them try reusing them as much as you can. It also gives a sense of satisfaction, while making your home look beautiful and it is the only material other than metals that can pass on to generations and still look elegant.

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