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Coping with a Job loss

I come across two kinds of people these days, one that says I lost my job and the other that says own a job loss and move on.

With the transformation of era from industrial to digital to information, there is a lot that is changing which was otherwise called the normal. People no longer have stable jobs, the expenses are skyrocketed, people want comfort over convenience. With these mindset changes and the technology advancing to the next level "Welcome to the Information age".

These days people bond over digital medium and people's values are confined to a few online posts. We have sympathy, affection, empathy all of which are digitally expressed. The number of people talking about depression and mental wellness has increased over the years. With all this in the background, the situation is no different in the work area.

The willingness to understand your colleague and provide a helping hand often follows a modus operandi. People backbite and backstab which is the new ethics.

When you lose a job often it is termed skill mismatch. There is nothing like a skill mismatch because everything is digital these days, if the company is not willing to invest in training their employees to match a given job then looking out for a new job is the only option.

So when someone has landed in such a situation how should one Cope with Job Loss!

Will owning the situation help heal wounds, or find you a new job.

The answer is NO!

But if you take charge of the situation knowing well what you can achieve and are capable of, There is always a WAY.

Just put it this way, when you took this job it was your willingness to work for this company, you liked it, enjoyed it, and made it work for you and others around you. But for some reason, if your employers are not willing to retain you, it's their misfortune to lose a loyal employee like YOU. If you have made it work in this job surely you will do your best in the next one.

As rightly said "A precious stone is valued when it reaches the right place"

Never stop believing in yourself and you don't need to own any burden of this hurtful situation. Just understand that you are not in the RIGHT place and by them asking you to leave your destiny is finding the right one for you.

Happy Job Hunting!

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